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Scrap metal truck in Canterbury

Complete scrap metal services based in Canterbury

Free pick up for your scrap metal

Have you got a heap of scrap metal taking up space in your yard? Bristol Metals in Canterbury can not only take it off your hands, but also pay you good cash for your efforts! We will provide a friendly and reliable service with free pick up for your scrap metal. Simply call us today and let us know what type of scrap metal you have. From old car bodies to building scraps, you might be surprised at what you can get rid of.

Paid in cash!

If you bring in photo identification along with your scrap metal, we can pay you cash on the spot. This makes it one of the quickest and easiest ways to earn a few extra dollars in Canterbury. Call us today!

Our yard

Customers can either have us pick up their scrap metal from their homes or business premises or they can bring them directly to our yard at 345 Wilsons Rd. Our yard is fully equipped with electronic and certified scales and forklifts to ensure quick and effortless unloading. Our friendly staff will help you weigh and unload what you bring in.
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