About Us

They say the scrap metal industry gets in your blood and never leaves you, nothing is truer today for Tony Steer the owner of Bristol Metals.

His knowledge and understanding has early beginnings, with Tony’s late father Ivan making a big impact working in the Canterbury scrap metal scene before his subsequent retirement.

In 1997 Tony started Bristol Metals from humble beginnings with a small yard in Mowbray Street before relocating the business to its current premises at 345 Wilsons Road, Waltham.

The family connection is still evident today with Tony’s son, Cam continuing on and heading up the Metal Buying Team at Bristol Metals.

Buying and selling scrap metal locally for over the last 20 years has enabled Bristol Metals to form strong working relationships with its customers, this comes with its down-to-earth personal approach and being able to think outside the box looking for solutions and making things happen successfully for both parties.

Internationally, Bristol Metals has built solid dependable relationships with buyers and suppliers and is only a phone call or e-mail away to assist you or your business to gain the best value from your scrap metals.

You can be assured of a great experience working with Bristol Metals. Every team member prides themselves on assisting each and every customer with their unique, friendly, knowledgeably helpful service.


Our Yard at 345 Wilsons Road